How to use the Animated Gif Editor / Gif Animator

The Gif Recorder software has many unique features that help you make screen recordings and animations in the gif format.

The below recording walks through the Animated Gif Editor / Gif Animator application. Below it is a detailed reference.

video gif animation

The Animated Gif Editor provides you with all tools needed to prepare your animated gifs for publishing. The editor consists essenially of four areas: Image List (left), Image Pane, Toolbar and Status bar.


The toolbar is the area most actions of the editor start from:

Image List

The image (frame) list has four columns:

The shortcut menu (right-click) gives access to an additional set of actions:

Image Pane

The Image Pane shows either the animation or the last image you clicked on. See also: Switch between Gif animation and Image view.

Status bar

progress meter appearing when actions take some time  Opening, saving and recalculating an animated gif are actions that may take some time to finish, especially with larger images. The progress meter gives feedback on what part of the job was done and how much still needs to be done. It is located in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Make Animated Gifs using the Recorder and Editor