Make HTML page with Gif and Audio

Use this feature to generate an HTML page to add the animation to your website.

You can NOT use the generated page within a chm help project. So far we did not succeed in making audio work in chm files. neither using <audio>, nor using <embed>. 

HTML page with Gif Start and Audio:

To start HTML page with Gif Start & Stop,

  1. On the toolbar, click HTML toolbar button to HTML
  2. Click menu item  'HTML page with Gif and Audio'HTML with gif and audio
    A browser opens with the generated HTML page on it.

The used filenames are by default

You will notice the created page does not give sound yet. You will have to add a sound file to your animation.

To see the generated page animation working, click on the image with the Start icon. To stop the animation, click on the animation a second time. Subsequent clicks Start and Stop the animation.

How to use the Animated Gif Editor