Use animations in a chm help project

A gif can be inserted as any image in any help page. However doing it like that gives no control over the start and stop of the animation which makes it annoying to your audience because the constant movement is distracting, and he will not know at what point the screencast currently is (halfway?).

To avoid this, it is better to add the jQuery javascript code to give start and stop control as generated in Make HTML page with Gif Start & Stop

To now successfully include the animation in your chm help project you have to:

  1. Copy the generated code in your page. You may have to tweak the filepaths mentioned because the generated page is likely to exist in another folder (e.g. \videos) than the page you ate adding the animation to.
  2. Make sure the HTML page's meta tag points to a usable charset:
    <meta content="text/html; charset=windows-1252" http-equiv="Content-Type">
  3. In the hhp project, have the gif filename included in the [FILES] section, e.g. videos\mygif.gif. The gif file is not automatically picked up during compilation of the chm file because

You can also use an 'include' in the [FILES] section, e.g. #include videos\animated_gif_files.txt. Such an included .txt is easier to maintain a list of gif filenames in the [FILES] section.
Make HTML page with Gif Start & Stop