Create Gif Animation from scratch by adding images manually

The Animated Gif Editor can also be used to create Gif Animation from scratch. Images are created manually and subsequently inserted using the Add image button

The following can be used as a procedure to make an animation:

  1. Create a background common to the animation. This is fixed, so you don't have to bother about it when creating the gif images.
  2. Add the drawings onto the background and save them with ascending numbers representing the sequence of the images in your animation
  3. Now start the Animated Gif Editor from Start > All programs. It will be initially opened with an empty animation.
  4. Press the Add new images button
  5. Inserted images will probably be too fast, select images and increase Delay.
  6. Save the new animation pressing the Save  button.
In case of an instructional animated gif it makes sense to add subtitles at suitable points.
Make Animated Gifs using the Recorder and Editor