Use the Gif Recorder as animated gif converter

It is easy to use the Gif Recorder to convert a video to an animated gif. Maybe you made a recording with your smartphone or digital camera. It doesn't matter what format your video is in, Windows Media Video (.WMV), 3GP (Cell Phones), AVI (Windows), MOV (mac), MP4 (iPod/PSP), MPEG, FLV (Adobe Flash), SWF (Shockwave Flash), MKV (h.264), YouTube, as longF as you can play it on your PC.

  1. Start the Gif screen recorder 
  2. Size the recording area to get you the part of the video you want
  3. Start the video at the appropriate point
  4. Start recordingstart animated gif converter .

Your makes your movie convert to gif.

When recording a video to improve the image quality select 'Photo quality' before starting. This will take more time when encoding the gif, but the film quality  will be significantly better.
Size of a recording may easily become many Mb. See  How to keep file size of recording reasonable for suggestions

Make Animated Gifs using the Recorder and Editor