Switch between Gif animation and Image view

On the toolbar there are two (three) buttons for switching between 'view modes'. When the editor first opens with a gif animation, the view mode is 'Show Animation'. By clicking on a frame in the list of image frames, the mode switches to 'Display Image'. Switch to Display Difference if you want to see what changed between the previous and next image.  

Display Image

Display ImageShow the image currently selected in the image frame list.

Display Difference

Display Difference Shows what changes are applied to the previous displayed image to obtain the current image. This may be useful for finding what is actually happening in the current frame. The difference is actually what is being stored in the animated gof recordings. Because when filming changes between images normally are small, only storing differences keeps the gif file size small.

Show Animation

Show AnimationShows the animation as it will appear once it goes live. When switching a delay may occur because changes first need to be saved.

How to use the Animated Gif Editor