How to make a time lapse animation

dialog to set the time lapses In Use the Gif Recorder as animated gif converter we have seen that the Gif Screen Recorder can be used to make a video animation from anything on the computer screen, including playing existing videos. By selecting the recorders frames per second FPS you can choose your own time lapse animation setting allowing use as time lapse recorder.

Example time lapse animation: plant growth

As an example, the film below was recorded from YouTube. It shows a time lapse recording of a pea plant growing from seed, showing both the shoot and root system. In the original, the Timelapse is at 20 min per frame, 15fps. That means that 1 second of video is 5 hours in real time. In my derived time lapse gif animation:

  1. Time lapse settings was set to 0.5 to reduce the gif file size by roughly a factor 20 (1Mb versus 20 Mb!).
  2. I kept recording Quality Normal because the level of details is not great, and this setting makes gif encoding faster than photo quality.
  3. In the Animated Gif Editor I changed the delay on all frames to 1 second. This speeds up the recording so now the duration is 20 seconds instead of 40.
  4. I changed the html page to have Gif Start & Stop

video gif animation

How to use the Gif Screen Recorder