How to keep file size of recording reasonable

Normally simple recording would result in an large file, many megabytes in size. The Gif Recording software only stores the differences between image frames as a result of which the produced gif has an acceptable size. Still, you can take measures to further improve filesize.

  1. Only show what is relevant to the point you want to make. Make short films, preferably less than 1 minute instead of screencasts of up to an hour.
  2. If you are recording something which does not require photo quality, for example how to do things on the computer, consider using quality 64 colors, or even lower. This can significantly decrease the file size, up to 70%. 
  3. For longer recordings, consider lowering the number of frames per second (FPS)
  4. Dedicate a sufficiently large yet limited area on your screen to the recording, Apart from reducing file size ithis also makes it easier to present the recording on your website and limits the possibilities for diversion.
  5. After making the recording, remove fragments of the film which are not helpful, such as typos, mistakes, hesitant mouse movements. This may easily cut overhead in half.
How to use the Gif Screen Recorder