icon export image Export image frames

The following functions are available on the toolbar, under Export.

icon export Export Image: save the current image as a separate .Png file

icon recording start icon recording stop Image with Start / Stop: picks current selected image and adds Start or Stop icon. Is used in Make HTML page with Gif Start & Stop

 icon export Selected images to new Gif: re-use parts of previous created animations

 Selected images to folder: selected images are inserted in a new folder, named in order of appearance, 1.gif, 2.gif,...

icon gif to AVI Convert Gif to AVI - to publish on YouTube


Start and stop images are inserted in the middle of the image. The size of the icon inserted depends proportionally on the size of the image. It uses either 32 or 64 or 128 pixels icons in such so that the icon will leave the image sufficiently visible.

How to use the Animated Gif Editor