Change the looks of the subtitles

The looks of the subtitles are determined using a cascading stylesheet ([gifname].css) file. In it you can specify most relevant features:

video gif animation

To change the looks of the subtitles, in the Gif Editor:

  1. On the toolbar, press Settings icon settings on the toolbar
    followed by button on toolbar in editor 'Change style for Subtitles'. The [gifname].css file opens in Notepad for editing.
  2. Make the changes to the css
  3. Close Notepad saving the changes to the .css file.
  4. Pressing the Save button gif editor button save in the Gif Editor so that subtitles in your Gif are updated, with the latest saved css settings applied.
Searching the web with 'css' will return a plethora of articles explaining css properties you can set and what syntax to use.
background-color: silver;
border:1px solid gray;
font-family: arial;
text-align: left
Add subtitles to your animated gif