button add image  Add Image

There are several reasons you may want to add images to a gif:

Add Image can also be used to Import an animated gif as a way of chaining films together.

If an image is too large to fit in the animated gifs, it is automatically resized to fit.

video gif animation

To add an image:

  1. Select the image frame after which the new image is to be inserted
  2. Press [Ins] button - or - Press Add toolbar button add  button on the toolbar, - or - right-click the selected item and click
    A dialog opens to select one or more image files
  3. Select the image(s) you want to insert and press the 'Open' button
    The image(s) are inserted after the previously selected image frame. The new inserted image is selected.
After the insertion you can change the Delay time, for example give the image with Stop icon 5 seconds to give the user time to realize he can stop the animated gif by clicking.
Inserted images get Dispose method set to 'Restore to previous', to prevent the new image from disturbing an existing flow. Change the Dispose method to 'Do not dispose' if you want a subtitle to continue being visible on following frames - assuming the sub-title area is unchanged during subsequent frames - see Add subtitles to your animated gif
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